The .Club Cold Immersion System

Introducing the Cold Immersion System, a pinnacle of advanced health technology meticulously designed to elevate your wellness journey. Experience unparalleled performance, durability, and ease of use with our premium, high-quality cold plunge.




$2090.00 USD

Cooling Speed:

Tub Option:

Ships in 3-5 Days (Tub) and 1-3 weeks (Chiller)

Start the new year right with a plunge

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As low as 2°C/36°F

Indoor and outdoor ready

Hard wearing anodized steel casing

No ice required

Self cleaning

No tools needed: Plug and plunge

“Cold water immersion has been shown to increase the production of dopamine, which can help improve focus, attention, mood, and motivation."

Dr. Andrew Huberman, PhD Professor at Stanford University

Cold plunge in 4 easy steps

3 Stage Sanitization - Self Cleaning

Our robust 3 stage sanitization works by progressively filtering larger particles to smaller particles, and eradicating bacteria and viruses naked to the eye.

1. Mesh prefilter catches hair, sediment, and lint.

2. 20 micron pleated PET filter purifies the water of dust and smaller particles.

3. The ozone sanitizer is then applied in the last stage to the clean water, killing all bacteria and viruses.

Plunge Anywhere. Indoor and Outdoor Ready.

Rated IPX4 waterproof and dustproof means your cold plunge can take any condition you throw at it.

Place it on your balcony, in your garden, or in your home. Our sleek modern design fits in all interiors and exteriors.

For outdoor use in a hot climate, we recommend using our Pro 1.0HP model.

Unmatched purity, effortlessly achieved: elevate your wellness with the uniquely powerful self-cleaning ozone system.

How does it work?

The average time it takes to setup your .Club Cold Immersion System is only 8 minutes. See the video below on how easy it really is.

It's all about the details.


Power supply: 110V / 220V

Machine measurement:
Pro - 35cm (W) x 58cm (D) x 69.5cm (H)
Standard - 32cm (W) x 54cm (D) x 61cm (H)

Tub measurement: 140cm (W) x 80cm (D) x 62cm (H)

Weight (Machine):
Pro - 81.5lbs (37kg)
Standard - 61lbs (28kg)

Water Fill Volume: up to 200L.

Temperature: 36-107°F (2-42°C), controllable via machine or the ThriveX app

Sanitisation: Mesh prefilter + 20 Micron Filter + Ozone