4 Month Essentials Kit

4 Month Essentials Kit

$130 $150.00

Ensure your .Club Icebath's water stays crystal clear for four months with our comprehensive kit.

We rely on the Sirona™ Simply product line, offering a chlorine-free and bromine-free solution to maintain the hygiene and clarity of your cold tub water, without any unpleasant chlorine odor or skin dryness. Our kit is effective whether you're using your .Club Icebath at temperatures as low as 37°F or as high as 107°F, or anywhere in between. Sirona's Oxidizer breaks down organic substances like body oils, while the EPA-regulated Sanitizer not only controls bacteria effectively but also safeguards against staining and discoloration caused by metals.

*Based on an assumption of 7 uses per week. Oxidizer and Sanitizer consumption may increase with more users or frequent usage. You can extend filter life by rinsing them before entering the water, especially after exercising.

Kit Contents:

(1) 32oz bottle of Sirona Simply Oxidizer (1) 16oz bottle of Sirona Simply Sanitizer (1) 25-pack of Test Strips (1) Measuring spoon (4) 20-micron water filters